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In today’s video, I’m doing some online makeup shopping… BLINDFOLDED!!! I bought an entire full face of makeup and I won’t know what I actually ordered until the package arrives at my doorstep!! What do you think of the products I bought and the final look? Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!


the first ONLINE Blindfolded Shopping video I could find was by 💞

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💻 Doing LADY GAGA'S Makeup! ►

🎀 Doing My FIANCE'S Makeup! ►



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    *HOW DID I DO??*

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      Laura Mitchell

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      I love you Nikkie

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      madison conway

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      I think u did great but can u plz do it again

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      Lyrical Dove

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      I LOVE the look!😍😍😍😍

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      the eyes are giving me honey bee chic baby

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    I’ve used the NYX powder for like years but I definitely don’t pack it in like you did haha I just kinda lightly dust it on cuz otherwise it kinda congeals on the face like that and oxidizes like you saw. A light dusting with a brush seems to be enough for me

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    we love dylan he is so sweet!! so glad you’re happy nikkie!!!!🤍🤍🤍

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    Struggling Student

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    im glad she didn't accidentally do black face lmao

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    Dylan is so adorable, I can’t even 😍

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    ROIMRE6KPG is my senior quote.

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    Awww, Dylan has a Pikachu shirt :)

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    okay but hes ADORABLE

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    (2:41) Dylan: ROIMRE6KPG

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    You ahould turn your screen to grey scale and do online makeup shopping with that but you need to buy products you dont know or have you fiancé do the shopping meaning you wont be able to properly see the shade of whatever products you buy

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    Wist niet dat Nikkie zo’n knap vriendje had 😉

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    Is he Dutch too? He’s really cute

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    There is no cuter couple out there.

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    “It’s smells like nuts *smells again* It smells like cereal” lol luv ya

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    These challenges aren’t even challenges for her. She slays EVERY SINGLE ONE!! Love you queen Nikkie!

  • Kayla Bean

    Kayla Bean

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    “But of course we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and we should stay inside as much as we can and wear a damn mask we we do go outside, thank you” -NikkieTutorials

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    You two are so cute!!!!!

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    I loveee zonnebloemen!!

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    Awe when he said it's beautiful!! 💚

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    Craziest eye makeup 👌

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    But not for brown pencil

  • Laura Mitchell

    Laura Mitchell

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    When I say lol it is when your boyfriend read what was in the search bar it was so funny. I love you Nikki

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    Are u pheobe buffys sister??

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    when she said it spells like nuts🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😲😲😲

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    Madeline Brobst

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    This is why you take typing lessons properly Nikki so that you can type with your eyes closed
    It’s a very useful skill :)

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    Dylan in pikachu is so cute

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    Love you Nikki!!

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    We LOVE Mr. Tutorials!!

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    Flashback Mary in da house

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    5 euros thats no cheap its 910 in pakistani money/ rupees

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    Please do a part two 🙏💖

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    Your fiance is so sweet i cant even

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    Josefina Holt

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    I’m only Three minutes into the video so Idk With She mentions it. But Where is Dylan from? He Doesn’t Sound American to me

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    So the boyfriend is gay?...

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    when I saw dylan's pikachu hoodie I was like "Honey, that's my shirt"

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    Autumn Kills

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    Nikki can you please try out the
    florasis beauty palette lipstick brush

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    Nikki is a stunning zoneblum

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    Trielle Davis

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    I had that same issue with that powder and didn’t notice for like a week and no one told me I looked like that

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    I love the Dutch word of the day

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    I've never seen a foundation match like that 😳

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    You and your bf are so cute.

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    Drew Goodman

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    When Nikkie said "this is nuts!" I said out loud "and it smells like nuts too"

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    Jude Davis

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    No color????????

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    emerald chaves

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    I’m convinced - I need to get your pallet 😂💜
    I thought it was Naomi 😂
    Ig: emerald chaves

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    Nevaeh Schattenfluegel

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    I cannot stop laughing about the powder😂😂 I have this one at home but never had the problems she was so funny looking, like a ghost😂

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    When he said the Anastasia brow gel was white and brown 😭😂

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    Amy K

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    Is it just me or even if she uses products she does not like she can still pulls it off at the end. Love you nikkie.

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    This foundation smells like nuts 🤣🤭I first thought you meant as in men's testicles 😆🤣were is my mind this morning blaaah

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    Cute couple 😌💕

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    You and Dylan look really happy together

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    That sweet surprise kiss Dylan gave you was a heart melter. I stan.

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    *confused dutch noises*

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    What was the page that you used to buy your products Nikkie?

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    Fall on my eyelids 😂😂

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    Why did you not vlog

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    We Love You!!!! and Dylan! lol :)

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAH ik kan deze jongens echt niet serieus nemen cant 🤣

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    That powder must have been how flashback Mary was created🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

  • Issy Murphy

    Issy Murphy

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    I love how instead of going out like most influencers, she’s staying home and STILL MANAGING TO MAKE CONTENT! Love you Nikkie💞💞

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    John N DayVene O'Dell-White

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    I'm getting Tigress Fierceness! LOVE IT!! 💄🎨♥️

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    Courtney Lia

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    I actually really liked the natural lashes on you. They looked beautiful ❤️

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    Omg!! Nikkie...I’m dying from laughter 😂🤣😂🤣

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    You can make anything possible

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    i wanna take a moment to appreciate this woman's beauty NIKKIE U R PERFECTION

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    Cuties 😍😍😍

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    Michelle B. Oscarsson

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    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this video... probably way too many times, since not only do I quote several sections, my boyfriend does it as well aaaaaaand my daughter (6yrs) can quote Dylan whilst she’s busy with other activities. 😂 I wonder if she quotes (soon to be) mrs and mr tutorials when she’s at school? 🙈🙈🥸

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    They are 2 men ?

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    Zoeva has amazing products btw also affordable and has great brushes too 😉

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    Hey I would love to know where you got your cherry shaped earrings from x

  • Hamidah utarida divayanti Diva

    Hamidah utarida divayanti Diva

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    1q m,9pNMj Meece

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    That hairstyle and hair band is beautiful on you nikkie!!

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    I love this video and the pikachu on Dylan's hoodie😍 big pikachu fan here hihi.

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    did you do your chin? you look different :O

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    It's always a blissful feeling to look at you❤

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    03:38 - that was so cute!!☺️

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    You did great

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    Nienke Meyer

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    Teacher: how do you spell foundation? Me: roimre6kpg

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    Her typing blindfolded is like when your 5 and you sneak on your moms computer and you don’t know how to type fast so you type with random letters... fast

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    Why is dylan such comedic gold

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    You too are so adorable together! I love that you can see how much you vibe and are truly in love!! Wish you both all the happiness life you could bring you both!!❤

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    Nikkie this is a HD powder means that it is use in films and dramas

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    "For a bronzer??? "
    Thats more than my pallette took me out😂😂😂😂

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    12:25 SEMEN???!!!

  • Iza Banfalvi

    Iza Banfalvi

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    It would be interesting if you would do a challenge were you do a natural makeup , and when I’m saying natural I mean no fals lashes maybe you could do some freckles , it could be interacting cause you love to do dramatic stuff with a lot of products
    P.S: love you Queeen ❤️❤️

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    Flotte . Lodde Talk Tacheles

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